When the sun goes down, light and shadow become the most important design elements. Outdoor lighting design should define space, direct the eyes, soothe emotions, and invite you in. Light gives us security and functionality while creating shadow to bring out definition. The simple textured surface of a stonewall during the day, can become a work of art when mixed with light and shadow at night.

Let us show you how outdoor lighting will provide a whole new dimension and use of your existing landscape and hardscape investment.


Mike Imondi graduated with his Bachelors of Science Degree in Landscape Architecture in 1987 from West Virginia University.  He moved back to central Ohio and was hired in design/sales for a large landscape contractor where he worked several more years. In 1997 he decided to start his own business. I realized there was a market for people looking for design services independent of a specific nursery or contractor. He would provide a design that they could take ownership and control of, and use as a tool to implement the project on their terms. The sole focus of his services would be on design, and therefore I chose Landscape Design First as the name of his business.

In addition to his regular landscape design work, he had always been intrigued with the effects of well designed lighting in landscapes and outdoor living areas. At nightfall, these areas revert back to a blank canvass and offer a whole new design challenge and opportunity. He read and researched everything I could about low voltage lighting. In 2004, (confident in the techniques and available materials), he installed the first outdoor lighting system under the name Outdoor Lighting by Landscape Design First. He has since modified the company name to LDF Outdoor Lighting.

In 2015, Mike received his certification as a Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician, (CLVLT #1505), by the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals. A certification held by less than 1000 technicians nationwide.