LDF is not a landscaping company that also does lighting.
LDF is lighting.

At LDF we believe your lighting project deserves to be designed and installed by a company whose single focus and attention is lighting.

Lighting should not be an upsale or add-on offered by landscapers or irrigation companies. We know this first hand since we replace lighting every year that was put in by landscapers.


New System Design and Install

We want to meet with you and evaluate your property and priorities. Together, we will design a creative, functional and unique plan that turns night time into the most beautiful and inviting time to enjoy your outdoors.

Existing System Upgrade

We are often asked if we service existing systems. Our policy is that once we touch a system to repair or upgrade, we are essentially taking ownership of it. Therefore, we will not simply “bandaid” or patch systems. Our process is to do a full assessment of your existing system. We will recommend what components can be reused and what should be discarded. In addition, we perform a complete re-wiring of your system to make certain it’s installed to match our standards and methods.

System Conversion

We convert existing incandescent/halogen systems to LED.   This turns into a major energy saver; doing your part to help the planet; as well as your wallet in energy bills.

Taking Pride in Our Work

We take pride, enjoyment, and ‘ownership’ in every lighting project we install. The challenge of designing outdoor areas is that they are always changing. My background in landscape design has provided us with the experience to recognize and plan for those changes when applied to outdoor lighting.

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Why Choose Us?


Lighting is our sole focus. It’s what we do and we love doing it.


Mike is Certified Low Voltage Lighting Technician, (CLVLT #1505), by the Association of Outdoor Lighting Professionals.
A certification held by less than 1000 technicians nationwide.


Since we are not a franchise, we are only accountable to our customers, not a corporate entity dictating products and streamlining creativity into a one size fits all package.