Please note, this questionnaire is intended for LDF customers who have purchased a 2021 maintenance agreement.

    Will we need to coordinate access to turn on your transformer?

    If your transformer is located in a garage, basement, or locked portion of your property, or if your street has gated access, how would you like us to coordinate access with you?

    Although we cannot schedule a specific date for your spring/fall maintenance, we would be happy to coordinate a before or after date. Typically, Spring maintenance visits begin in early April and extend through early July. Fall maintenance visits begin in early October and extend into December. NOTE: It is generally a good idea to plan your lighting maintenance visit after spring and fall landscape clean-ups.

    Please check which scheduling option works best:

    *Our spring/fall clean up is scheduled to be completed after

    Although we will perform a complete check and maintenance on the entire system, it is always helpful to let us know about any issues or concerns in advance.